Kaybid produces interdisciplinary works by focusing on street art and animation. Video, gif, traditional painting and collage are among the basic disciplines.

Kaybid, who uses traditional methods and new media together, examines the transition between these two in his works; In the Silent Steps series, he examines topics such as vitality and movement, being and existence, the city, urbanization and extinction, isolation and existence ethics, Diminished Value and value attribution. The concepts and their physical states are included in the Eidoal project. He makes very short animations in which he examines the weaknesses of the concepts by giving them personality.

"Silent Steps" is an urban art "movement" that brings together streetart, painting, collage, GIF, animation, video art, augmented reality.

"Kaybid's animals that are wandering the streets silently may remind the viewer that the world does not only belong to humans, or that the urban ecosystem is one that actually is quite alien to the organic realm."

The project ongoing for over four years and nearly 400 individual unique collages created from 30 different species were created and applied to the streets. All my collage works are original and unique. None of them are copies, prints, or stickers. That is all organic. I make them with traditional methods.   Read More >






Experimental short films on the faces and personalities of concepts; You Can Make It Exist, You Can Name It, You Can Abandon It, And You Can Burn It If You Want!

In fact, these works, within a period of 35-40 seconds; It also includes the basic elements of cinematic narration such as character analysis, personality and identity, introduction, development and conclusion. In these experimental works, which you can watch like a short film; I tried to fit a story, a point of view, a character into their time. I aimed to give a personality to his concept, to give it a story, and to create a short drama by taking into account his feelings.


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