Original artworks, limited edition prints and a little surprises!

All of the products I have designed and created myself, trying to produce as little waste as possible and to make them each individually unique, as they are handmade. I try my very best to put all little scraps into use, and to dedicate to the organic nature of the project that I have been very cautiously nurturing since the beginning. 

You had been telling me in your messages and comments that you wanted to support the project, asking if there is anything you could do to help. I hope you enjoy the little surprises I have created for you in light of your recommendations and requests. 

This way, you can not only support me and help me continue working on this project, but also acquire a little keepsake from Kaybid, and carry the movement one step further. 

I really like the final products, and they are everything I imagined them to become. I carry them with me at all times, and cherish each and every single one of them. I hope you will too. :)

Not: Bu sayfa Uluslararası Alışveriş için geçerlidir. Türkiye sayfası için
Not:  This page for international shoping. For Turkey 

Flipbooks, stickers, first aid kit for city hackers!


Available soon!

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