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16. İstanbul Bienal Public Program

The public event PETROLEUM revolves around hope and the necessity of discrediting fossil fuels. We discuss under the light of the urgency of climate crisis energy policies, the daily forms and flows of fossil fuels and their masculinity, politics of blood, petroleum and war; and arrive at environmental conflicts and justice, the impermanence and vitality of cities. We are in unanimous agreement on this subject: fossil fuels should be discredited and declared as an offensive weapon. We divert our attention to envisioning alternative futures and have full confidence in the transforming power of social movements, representation, creative and non-violent climate action and hop

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5 October 2019 Saturday 12:00 - MSFAU Istanbul Museum of Painting and Sculpture 4th Floor
Begüm Özkaynak, Ümit Şahin, Eymen Aktel (Yokoluş İsyanı Sanat Kolektifi / Extinction Rebellion Art Collective), Cihan Küçük, Kaybid